Reviews for Cinnamon Cafe

"Spectacular Service!"

Dear Cinnamon,
My husband and I have been traveling throughout the north island during the past couple of months stopping off at every cafe we can possibly make it to. We scowered around Hamilton last week and was greeted by this petit cafe with a fantastic vibe. The moment we walked through the front door we were happily greeted by a young Maori lady with a big smile and generous greetings, we proceeded to order and sat down outside as it was a little too hot inside for our liking. Instantly a bottle of water came out by another young Maori girl, this is was lovely to see as most cafes around don't offer complementary COLD water upon being seated :) Under the impression that we were sold and very happy with the atmosphere and service so far, we then received our coffees. Now If I must be honest, our coffees were more than perfect! Great temperature, clean cups and very very delicious! We were both extremely appreciative to be sitting at your cafe sipping away at some quality coffee! We had to thank the young man in a hat, for providing the excellent coffee. We regretfully didn't order food as we were on the way into the base centre to get our Xmas shopping finished off.

Overall we thought everything was absolutely splendid and not a single negative thought was in mind and we are very happy to recommend your cafe to our friends passing through Hamilton, Go Cinnamon!

Janet and Arthur Phillips 28 November 2014

"Finally - a good cafe to visit in Hamilton"

Wow - so good. This cafe is all about quality. The coffee was exceptional, my partner is quite set on it being some of the best coffee he has had. The eggs were divine, you could tell they were free range as the yolks were gigantic and so full of colour and taste. The cabinet food on display looked equally tasty with a lot of options for gluten free on the menu board.

CPLOsborne / Trip Advisor November 2014

"Would go back"

The big breakfast was really good, especially the bacon. It's unusual to get decent bacon. Coffee excellent - hot! Service was friendly and attentive. It was a noisy experience though - although there is plenty of glass there is also a lot of concrete block so it wasn't a quiet brekky.

IazzaNP / Trip Advisor November 2014

"Awesome spot"

Great food, friendly staff, perfect for small groups or larger gathering. There is always something for everyone. I love the outdoor area on a warm day and the couches are cool to.

Rebekah K / Trip Advisor November 2014